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Kumaranalloor Devi temple is considered as one of the most important Devi temples among the 108 Durgalayas (Devi temples) in Kerala. The temple is said to be more than 2400 years old, as per historical and mythological evidences as well as other sources of information. The architecture of the temple is notable for the unique structure of the nalambalam and sreekovil both of which have been built in the sreechakra style (ring like object with a handle, which is placed in the right hand of the Devi). This kind of architecture is rarely found in temple architecture.

The temple is situated in area of 15,000 square metres. The main gopuram (entrance) of the temple faces towards the east rection, and high walls surrounding the temple with other three gopurams (entrance) in each direction (south, west & north). While entering the temple, the temple view presents a divine picture. Getting into the temple through the main gopuram one can see the golden dhwajom (flag staff) and the balickal pura with carvings of many sculptures including those of Ganapathy and Shiva and other saints on pillars. Inside the nalambalam, sreekovil and the main mandapam are surrounded by paths made of carved stones. The temple of Shiva is on the right side of the main sreekovil. Bhadrakali temple is situated on the south of the temple along with the full stretched surrounding path on carved stones for the whole temple.

The important festival of the temple is Thrikkarthika celebrated in the month of Vrischikam (November–December). On the Karthika day it is usual to make a nivedyam (offering) in the precincts of the Udayanapuram and Thrissur Vadakkunnatha temples. The story goes that the Gods in these two temples, greatly charmed by the beauty of the Devi returning after her Karthika bath. They came out of the temples, got over the compound walls, and stood there looking amorously at the seductive figure of the passing Devi, and the temple priest who ran helterskelter in search of the Gods, finally met them on the walls at the southern end of the temples. Thenceforth, during Karthika, puja is performed over the walls of these temples. The display of lights in the evening, called Karthika Vilakku, is the highlight of this celebration.



Ekadantam Mahaakaayam Taptakaajnchana sannibham
LambodaraM VishaalaaxaM  Vande Ham GaNanaayakam


It is said that, at first in kumaranalloor only shiva temple was existed and cherman perumal built the devi temple along side of the shiva temple . Shiva is also having full poojas daily and it is the custom that before seeing devi every body has to see shiva in kumaranalloor temple . Dhara(abhishekam) and kuvalam leaf malas are the main offerings.


Manibhooshan is lord ayyappa (lord of shabarimala) and is located on the left side of the main mandapam. Lord ayyappa is worshipped by followers all around the world for well wish and happiness. People believe that lord ayyappa rescues them from shani doshas(sins) as per indian astrology. Lighting the lamp in side the broken coconut and archana are the main offerings.


Aalingal bhavathy is devi kaali(another figure of durga).devi kaali is considered as oograrupini means vigorous. Hence, the devi idol is on the bed of the pupil tree the devi's is called as aalingal bhagavathy. People worship devi to protect them self from enemy and other sinful organs. Guruthy and raktha archana(archana with blood colored material) are the main offerings.



THE ADMINISTRATOR, Kumaranalloor Ooranma Dewasowm, Kumaranalloor, Kottayam, Kerala–686016.



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