• The temple is situated in space of 1.5 hectors of land. Facing the main gopuram (entrance) of the temple towards east direction and high walls surrounding the temple with other three gopurams (entrance) in each direction (south, west & north).

    When you are entering the temple from east side facing the pupil tree, the temple space starts and from there you can see the main gopuram. Getting into the temple through the main gopuram you can see the golden dhwajom and the balickal pura in front with carvings of many sculptures including ganapathy and shiva and other saints on the pillars. Inside the nalambalam, sreekovil and the main mandapam infront with surrounding paths in carved stones. The temple of siva on the left side of the main sreekovil. Bhadrakali temple is situated on the south side of the temple along with the full stretched surrounding path on carved stones for the whole temple .