• The most important day of kumaranalloor devi is karthika star of malayalam month vrischika (devi's birthday).

    Once, on a karthika day of vrischika the noble vilvamangalam swamiyar came to thrissur vadakkunnatha temple. When he reached there he understood with his divine eyes that there was not the presence of vadakkunathan(lord shiva) in the sreekovil. He came out to circumambulate the temple. When he reached near the south wall, he visions the presence of lord shiva there. He asked lord why came to the wall. ‘i am seeing kumaranalloor devi coming after arattu'(holy bath). Even today, the madhyana pooja (mid day pooja) in vadakkunnatha temple is at the south wall of the temple on the day of karthika during the month of vrischika.

    The concept is that on the karthika day of vrischika, all the deities came to see the return of devi after the arattu. Witnessing this event is said to be excellent for long life.
  • The yearly main festival comes in the malayalam month of vrishchikam (nov-dec). The main festival is of ten days starting with hosting of holy flag (kodiyettu) on the first day. From the second day onwards devi has special pooja's and arrattu(holy bathing) in the nearby river(meenachil). Eighth day is on malayalam astrological star ‘bharani' and the next day; nineth day is ‘karthika'. Karthika and is the most important day for devi and hence is known as the great ‘thrikkarthika'. On the tenth day the devi goes for the final holy bath in nattassery a nearby place and comes back with all the happiness and prosperity for the people of this village. After the arrattu the hosted holy flag is removed and the festival completes here. During the festival days, folk and traditional arts conducted in the temple premises . The famous group percussions like panjavadyam and chenda melam with the devi's processions like arrattu in the morning and villakku in the evening are majestic.