• The perumal became agitated a little by anger to devi when he heard ‘kumaranalla ooril'. Yet he stated to udayanapuram to install the idol of kumaran. On the way, when their country boat (kettuvallam) reached a void field, the atmosphere was so misty that nobody could move further. Perumal prayed devi. He realized the cause of mist was the divine power of the thejas he had seen earlier inside the kumaranalloor temple . He contemplated and requested the thejas to remove the mist. He offered devi, the land within the reach of his sight, also offered to install an idol of devi there also. He scooped a handful of water. At that time, a hand appeared on the surface of water before him, received the perumals offerings as water, and disappeared. Soon the mist was removed.

    Perumal continued his journey and reached udayanapuram. He installed the idol of kumara there. The place where mist appeared and removed, later known as ‘manjoor' meaning place of mist. The field where the hands appeared to perumal., later known as ‘thrikkaikandam' meaning ‘field of holy palm'. Perumal built a temple there as he offered. The important festival at the manjoor temple is ‘pattu utsavam', celebrates in the malayalam month ‘thulam' every year.
  • Chengalam is 5 km away from kottayam on the kumarakom route . This temple is part of the kumaranalloor ooranma devaswom. Festival incorporating the prathishta dinam on atham star in kumbham for three days is the major festival.
  • This temple is in perumthuruth village near kallara. Lord krishna is the main idol and the temple has a rich history. Ashtamirohini, rohini in medam malayala month are the major festival days. Pasting of sandal wood paste and palpayasam are main offerings.
  • This temple has a long history and was renovated last year. Lord ayyappa is the main idol. Mandala time and all Saturdays are important days.
  • Bhagavathy is the idol in this temple and is in parampuzha near to kumaranalloor. Pooja's conducted in every month.
  • An Old woman got the darshan of Devi from madhurai over here. A small temple is over here. Bhajans and other devotional functions conducted here every year during Mandal Pooja.